ofthemuse: Pit your musical taste against your friends

Review posted Tue 8 May '12
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There's a new DJ in town and their name is...you. ofthemuse is a nicely named new social music and video entertainment application that adds a new dimension to the music player phenomenon. Not only is it a fun way to compete with your friends based on your listening taste but it also increases musical knowledge and exposes you to the plethora of new music available these days. Pit your musical taste against others by becoming an online DJ and have your friends and followers vote on who has chosen the best song.
ofthemuse is a new music application that lets you listen to and discover music together by competing against friends with your taste in music. In short, two players become the DJ and the other players vote for the songs they like most.
So how does it work? Well, players all join a party and the first two players get selected to become the DJs. All the other players join the queue to become the DJ later on in the party. The DJs create an awesome playlist with their muses. Both the DJs present a song and all the other players vote for the song they like most. The song with the most votes wins and gets played. When a DJ wins three times the other DJ gets replaced by the next and the party continues. When a DJ, actually called a muser, wins three vote rounds, the other muser gets replaced by the next player in the queue and the next player becomes the muser. The musers both start at 0 won vote rounds again and the party continues! The gameplay is a lot like turntable.fm and Soundrop, but in ofthemuse you are actually playing, competing and challenging each other and not just waiting for your turn to play.
ofthemuse is a new way of hearing new music as well as pitting your musical taste against that of your friends. It's also a lot of fun. This very social is a music and video entertainment application looks smart, increases your musical knowledge as well as being one of the better music games around. It's also completely free and will improve enormously the more people that play it. There are millions of tracks to choose from so you wont have any problems in finding a song to fight for your musical honor.  Winner takes all.

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