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Review posted Wed 29 Aug '12
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Everybody loves playing trivia, don't they? Tuesday night at the local pub or bar is always a lot of fun. Stum?ed is an interactive trivia quiz game application for iOS that's fast and requires a sharp brain. So it's perfect to get you going in the morning on the way to work (hopefully, not while you are driving, of course) or for relaxing at home in the evening. But Stum?ed isn't just another trivia game - there are plenty of those around like that. The added twist is the ability to use Power-ups to either benefit yourself or hinder your opponent and add a real competitive streak to the game.
Stum?ed is the latest in interactive, face to face social gaming that pits up to six players against one another in a fast-paced, quick-thinking game of trivia…with a twist! But answering fast and correctly is only the first step in mastering Stum?ed. You can strategically use 'power-ups' to benefit yourself or hinder your opponents and this adds another level of complexity to the game as well as making it a game you can play over and over.  Stum?ed features innovative gameplay created specifically to work with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Stum?ed offers a multiplayer trivia game between 2-6 players and played over a local wi-fi network. Stumped Premium features full hosting capabilities including 1100 Single Player Questions (500 unlocked through play.) If you are a solo user, Stum?ed Lite is the newly introduced a single player experience which mirrors the gameplay of the multiplayer mode and allows you to play the game on the go or by yourself with the same intense trivia competition feel. It comes with a basic single player experience and a hosting trial including up to 200 questions  (100 questions unlocked through single player mode) and a limited number of power-ups.  It gives you a good sense of what the Stum?ed experience is like and allows you to join a hosted game by using the free app.
One of the great things about trivia games is the sociability of the game. Whether its at the pub or at home with family and friends it never fails to bring a smile on people's faces and always encourages a fair bit of social merriment. Stum?ed with that rather annoying yet quite endearing ? sitting in the middle of it is a fun trivia game for your iDevices that brings hours of fun and, with it's Premium version, plenty of questions to keep you going for a long time. I like the idea of the single user option too. Let's face it, most of the time it's just you and your iDevice, so here you can get the same gameplay when you play on your own as you do when you play with family and friends.

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