PrintJinni for Android: Print from your smartphone to virtually any WiFi printer

Review posted Thu 4 Oct '12  ·  93 comments
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What I like most about wireless mobile printing application most  is that it fills a hole in the market so well. PrintJinni for Android gives you the freedom and flexibility to be able to print directly from your smartphone or tablet to almost any WiFi friendly printer. No longer do you have to wait to get back home or to the office to print up high quality copies. With this clever little device you can choose to print on a wide range of printers and via many different formats and with nary a cable, a memory stick nor a software download in sight. iUsers should check out PrintJinni for iOS for their version of this low cost WiFi printing app.
The PrintJinni stable of wireless mobile printing apps delivers superior quality wireless printing on a wide range of printers that are enabled with Wi-Fi support without having to connect to a computer. This vey elegant, reliable and simple to use app lets you preview and print supported files from popular apps such as Yahoo® Mail, GmailTM, Android native email, Dropbox, Box.Net®, or any app that enables file sharing using “Print with PrintJinni”, or any app that works with Google Cloud Print™. Preview and print photos, PDF files and Microsoft® Office documents from your apps, email or web storage accounts and print text using the “Paste Board” feature. Use your favorite mobile web browser and print by using the standard device browser’s Share Page menu. And, if you are in a secure session, just copy the required text content and print using “Paste Board”. Preview and print photos in FlickrTM, Google+ and PicasaTM, or photos taken by your Android device and images saved from other apps including Facebook, Instagram, PhotobucketTM, Snapfish® and ShutterflyTM, using “Print with PrintJinni”. Select from a wide range of options available in the PrintJinni wireless mobile print app including paper size, page range, duplex printing and number of copies. Use rich color or the economical black & white option to suit your printing needs. Automatically discover supported printers/MFPs from Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, OKI, Ricoh, Samsung, Xerox and others, on a Wi-Fi network or manually add printers with ease. Specify your default printer. PrintJinni wireless mobile print app comes with two variants of PrintJinni Services and a free trial for new users. After the trial period, pay as you use PrintJinni through convenient in-app purchase from a variety of subscription packs.
PrintJinni is so easy to use it took me a whole 30 seconds to have it up and running. This excellent 'missing link' in the printing chain gives you so much flexibility to virtually point and print your documents without having to rely on a cabled computer. Just designate the wifi enabled printer you want to use and point and print. And while it would be great if that was all PrintJinni did there are a whole bunch more features that come with it including Microsoft Office printing and printing your Flickr photos to make your life even easier. But, the bottom line here is that this wireless mobile printing application means you can now print directly from your Android (or iOS on the other version) and print it to pretty well any type of printer you like. Enjoy it.

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