Erbix: Productivity webapps for small businesses

Review posted Sat 8 Oct '11  ·  3 comments
Erbix Erbix Info Visit provides a suite of apps aimed at small businesses allowing them to organize all activities, collaborate on projects, produce web forms and keep on top of customer relationships. There are apparently a number of apps in the Erbix bag and the main ones are covered here.

Eris is an online form creator tool that can be used for a number of activities ranging from customer feedback, surveys and brainstorming. Web forms can be tailored to suit specific needs and automatically generated and embedded in a website.

The name given to the Erbix project management tool is Pluto and is capable of running as many projects as necessary. The associated team can also be managed and messages, requests and updates can bring a high level of collaboration to a business speeding up processes and ensuring a good spread of input is achieved.

A simple CRM package called Sedna completes the main apps on offer and provides the tools for client contact management and an overview of the deals and tasks outstanding with the team.  Tags can be created giving fast access to particular fields and notes can be created or added to existing ones providing a good back up and progress trail for on-going projects.

A standard package costs $29.95 a month for 15 apps although it’s not easy to see what you get for your money as there is nowhere near that number listed in the App Store. There is no mention whether or not the site is fully functional yet either so it would be wise to check the availability if you’re after more than those reviewed here.

This could still well be in the development stage although the site doesn’t indicate that. Whilst the functions look clear and friendly the whole thing has an air of unfinished business to it.

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