100efforts: Project management that sees the big picture

Review posted Fri 9 Mar '12
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The thing that makes 100efforts different from so many other productivity and project management tools is it's ability to give you a look at the big picture. It's speciality is dealing with requirements specs, use cases and effort estimation and it's object is to make them easier to deal with and simpler to analyze and act on.  This suite of collaborative tools excels in comparing your estimated work load with expert estimation and what happens in the real world.
100efforts makes working together on requirements specs, use cases and effort estimation easier. It helps you to document, discuss, prioritize and estimate the true scope of your projects without having to resort to the usual countless emails, docs and spreadsheets? The idea being that by managing and overseeing every aspect of the project your team will have a better idea of it's size and how to tackle it. It is aimed, ideally, at project managers, commercial owners, analysts or architects with an easy to use input for developers and testers. Whats more, you dont have to be at the office to use it as you can access 100efforts wherever there is an internet connection - and whenever you want. It's raisons d'être are basically three things. Firstly, it helps you to manage and map your requirements whether it be owners, releases, tags, Kano or status. It will also make it easier to do the same for your use cases - meaning owners, tags, complexity and status. Finally, and as a direct result of the first two points, it will estimate efforts using the 'use case points' method and compare your estimated work load with expert estimation and actual efforts. Collaboratively, it allows people to work together on content with different permissions as well as being able to discuss and have instant notifications about various projects being worked on.
The things that make 100efforts a little different to most project management apps is its ability to problem solve while collaborating on projects and how it allows you to estimate the projected size and effort required to complete a specific task and then compare your figures with expert estimations. There's nothing to install and nothing to upgrade and, at the moment, you can sign up and create a free account and it'll cost you nothing so there is little to lose. Give it your best 100efforts (and no, I have no idea why it bears that name.)

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