Pickafollow: Promote your Twitter profile with QR Codes

Review posted Tue 30 Oct '12
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You might have seen the FeedMyApp review we ran recently for the QR Code creator Pickalike to which we gave 5 stars for its ability to offer a brilliant way to promote your Facebook advertising page. Now, the developers' have put together a similar app for Twitter users to increase your online presence in real life. When people finally crack on to the QR code phenomenon it is going to revolutionize the way we do business. To those of you who are still unaware, If you think of QR codes as a barcode for all kinds of information you will be somewhere near its potential. Recently FeedMyApp reviewed the excellent TagMyDoc app which threatens to take over from clumsy emails to get information across to potential customers. Pickafollow is a great free social QR code business promotion application that helps you create and print QR codes to promote your business Twitter presence in real life.
Pickafollow helps you, in a matter of seconds, to display, promote and show the presence of your business and your Twitter profile in real life. I think we have all realized how great an advertising concept that social networks have become over the last couple of years. But now there are QR codes to help you even further. Pickafollow is a fast and easy to use QR code creation tool you can create a unique and special QR code that will attract visitors to your Twitter fan page and save it in popular graphic formats or in a Pickafollow special placeholder. Print and display your special QRcode that points out to your customers that your business is on Twitter. With Pickafollow and a smartphone your customers can now easily subscribe to your Twitter page. Acquiring new fans and subscribers and retaining regular viewers has never been easier as Pickafollow communicates the presence of all your promotional activities on Twitter. Pickafollow will give you lots of useful tools to help you increase your business.
So, have you come close to realizing the potential of the QR code revolution yet. I recently put some rather interesting business cards together and created a QR code to go on the back. Now, when I hand out my card, customers can use their smartphones and the free QR code reader to scan the code which takes them straight to my website. Smart, eh? Pickafollow backs up that concept by allowing you to create and print QR code for your real time Main Street enterprise that directs customers to your Twitter page - meaning instant advertising. It's a great idea. Get on the QR bus!

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