Put your thank you's to good business use

Review posted Fri 18 May '12 Info Visit

Didn't your mother always tell you to say thank you? Well, Laudits are plaudits for your professional network. Think of them  as  rounds of applause for your excellent work. Then think of ways to use them to your advantage. is a social recommendation application that gives your fellow workers or professional clients a chance to say a big thank you for a job well done and then lets you takes it one step further to enhance future job prospects. It does this by letting you show off your Laudit awards on the website, LinkedIn profile,  blog, resumé or email signature. I'll explain further...
The idea is this. is a app that delivers meaningful  professional thank you's to colleagues who deserve it.  When a co-worker does great work  no one outside the office really knows it. To show your appreciation you can give them a meaningful thank-you through the app which they can reciprocate if the roles are reversed. Recipients then put a link to their received Laudits on their blog or LinkedIn profiles and let the world know. Giving thank you's is as important as getting them and it shouldn't just be up to the bosses to hard out praise. By having a link to the thank you's through Laudits you might well find a prospective employer will spot that you have a good work ethic and are well liked by your co-workers - especially if it is linked through LinkedIn. It will show that you are a person who gets things done and, just maybe, it will be the thing that puts your resume ahead of someone else's when you are going for that better paid job. Wouldn't it be great to see a Laudit that says "Thanks for working late and helping me get that last minute order together" or how about one that says "I'd be happy to serve as a reference if you apply for a job somewhere else"  next to your LinkedIn profile?
Laudits is a great way for workers to help each other out,  learn to appreciate their co workers and help everyone potentially moving upwards in this dog eat dog world of ours. It could be described as the 'good karma' app of the year as it really does set out to improve your future job prospects by using your collected thank you's to your advantage. When you are ready to be poached your Laudits will let employers know just how good you really are. Laudits is a unique, easy to use and completely free social recommendation app that might just improve your future job prospects as well as creating a little karmic harmony in the workplace.

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