Mobitee Golf GPS Rangefinder: Quite simply, the ultimate mobile app for golfing enthusiasts worldwide

Review posted Mon 20 Jan '14  ·  97 comments
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If you've played a round of golf lately, you've probably seen those players who check their mobile phone before every shot. Either they are waiting for a call from their stockbroker or they have something else going on there. You probably think they are a bit of a jerk but they might just be getting the advantage of their very own virtual caddy to help them play their next shot. Mobitee Golf GPS Rangefinder is the ultimate in high tech iOS sporting apps for golfing enthusiasts and gives a full range of tools to guide you through over 35,000 golf courses worldwide
First up, let's talk about the stats. Mobitee has been downloaded over 200,000 times and is in the top 20 grossing sports apps in the App Store. It has won numerous awards for the sheer abundance of essential features as well as for its excellent customer support. This market leader in golf applications not only gives you a GPS, but also a scorecard keeper, a distance calculator, a rangefinder, a golf handicap calculator and golf distance calculator as well as a virtual coach - all rolled into one amazing app. Some of the features include a precise GPS with moveable targets to estimate distances, a satellite 'aerial' view of each hole, shot tracking and flyover videos of every golf course. Mobitee is updated for free on a regular basis and offers a simple yet truly spectacular interface that is easy to navigate.
Would you turn down the chance of a caddy to guide you the through the intricacies of a golf course if you were given the option? Probably not - especially if you thought it would improve your game. Mobitee is a gloriously detailed and easy to use golf app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that seems to be head and shoulders above the rest. It'll cost you a little - around US25 which cold come as a shock to some. The fact is, the extreme detail of the 35,000 courses and the brilliant features to help you improve your game make it worth every cent. There's a free version that gives you full access to the first five holes of any of the courses but, once you have tried out Mobitee, you probably won't hesitate on going the full-monty. For the golfing enthusiast, here is an app that sits nicely in the 'must have' section and offers a user-friendly and great looking app that is easily affordable and works like a dream.

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