Kapipal: Raise Money for Your Dreams

Review posted Mon 12 Sep '11
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As an on-line money collection site they don’t come much simpler to use and easy on the eye than kapipal.com. Whether you need a platform to collect cash for a significant personal event like a wedding or if you’re part of a group with a cash target, setting-up and monitoring progress is easy.

To first step on the way to achieving your financial goal is to open a free kapipal webpage which acts as the management hub for money collection.  To open this you will need to enter the amount required, the time limit for contributions and, most importantly, what the money is needed for. In the jargon of the site, once you’ve done this you become a ‘kapipalist’.

By opening a webpage the site creates a unique URL which you can then spread amongst friends, family and anyone else you think might contribute to your cause. By clicking on the URL they will be directed to your page and can make donations by credit and debit card or any other valid type of PayPal payment.

You can have more than one kapipal running at the same time and the “My Account” function lets you view the current status of all of them. Information displayed shows current total of funds received and the percentage of that against target. It also states the number of contributions making up the figure. The same page lets you view the detail, edit or delete.

The site itself receives none of the money contributed as it all goes directly to the kapipalist via their PayPal account and so having one of those open is key. Contributors do not need to have a PayPal account.

The site is keen to point out that they are merely a conduit introducing people seeking funding to people willing to donate. Whether or not the kapipalist actually uses the money for the reason originally stated is not their responsibility so contributors should choose wisely.

Whilst simple to use, and free of course, I do have some slight misgivings about it. Whilst it could be useful for things like sports club tour fund raising and wedding donations, in some cases it might just look like on-line begging. As for using it for charity donations, personally I would feel more comfortable sending my cash to the likes of FirstGiving where at least you know your money is going directly to the cause.

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