Askaryl's Grimoire: Read a story, play a game, become a hero

Review posted Fri 16 Mar '12  ·  6 comments
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If you've always wanted to be a part of an epic fantasy saga then this is going to really interest you. Askaryl's Grimoire is an interactive role playing book and game application developed by Blue Flame that enable you to be in control of the storyline's direction. This is the first part of a beautifully illustrated and epic story based in the fictional world of Hamnasya.
This is the first part of a stunningly detailed, epic fantasy saga within the interactive world of Hamnasya, the third largest continent among the nine that make up the intense world of Anarkôm. It has been rife with conflict and civil war for many centuries. Playing as Edhan, a young but fierce barbarian, you must embark on a dangerous and gruelling quest to retrieve an ancient book of magic, stolen from its guardians. Will you follow the right paths to uncover Hamnasya’s secrets? You are in control and the game follows the format of a roleplaying game adventure. You will attempt to fight monsters, adversaries and evil creatures while uncovering the truth behind an intricate plot which will ultimately jeopardize the balance of the world. The path you choose will have a significant effect on how the rest of the story evolves and the problems which you encounter thereafter. Split-second decisions, fight-or-flight actions and life-threatening choices all await you in this detailed world where evil strives to overthrow good and both sides battle for victory.
Will you choose to help someone in mortal danger or will your vital mission take precedence? Will you take a sudden opportunity to avenge you mother or will the safety of your people come first? Following a deeply engrossing RPG structure, Hamnasya allows you to develop and change your characters, increase their abilities and learn new skills and spells that will help you during your quest to victory.
Askaryl's Grimoire is the first in a series of roleplaying applications about to burst onto your screens. It’s byline says - read a story, play a game, become a hero - and that's really what it's all about really. It looks amazing and enables you to create characters in a cool RPG interface that uses weapons and magic spells with a glorious new world to exist in. This roleplaying app takes you on a trip of discovery and adventure.

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