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Review posted Mon 19 Sep '11
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This site is probably far too comprehensive to do justice to in a short review but suffice to say, if your business is even only slightly touched by the real estate industry, then this is a network you surely have to join.

With over 76,000 members, is a social network and investing resource directory for all things real estate related.

With a host of interactive functions, user tools and resources, all clearly listed under headings, the wealth of information available to dealmakers, buyers, sellers and renters covers all situations.

Property investment opportunities are listed with photographs and a search option helps narrow down your appropriate criteria. There are also functions allowing a nationwide search of foreclosures and a directory of real estate lenders.

Users with a rental portfolio can take advantage of the landlord tools with links through to such things as credit and criminal record checks and other useful stuff necessary for accurate tenant screening.

As well as providing all of the resources you need to succeed in the real estate industry the site heavily promotes the educational side of things. With its own blog and member blogs too you can tap into the brains and ideas of experts across all sectors of the industry. You can also search for relevant investment and property clubs in your area and the events listing will mean you never have to miss out on a networking or educational opportunity again.

With the basic services and tools free to use it’s hard to think of a reason why anyone in this industry wouldn’t want to join Bigger

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