SkiDiary: Record all your skiing adventures

Review posted Mon 20 Feb '12  ·  16 comments
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SkiDiary is the first skiing application available where you can record and report your snowbound experiences all in the one place. It's somewhere to keep photos, videos, the location, the weather and the temperature and keep them forever and even share your experiences with friends on your favorite social network. SkiDiary is an easy to use skiing sport application for iPhone for snow bunnies everywhere and features over 2,800 skiing destinations around the world.
SkiDiary is known as'The Missing App' for skiers because there really hasn't been much like it before. This free app for iPhone users is designed for those of s who love to ski, cross-country, ski-jumping, snowboarding or just walking and want to remember the best snowy moments. It's a simple app to come to terms with and features over 2800 skiing destinations around the world with GPS coordinates so the app automatically suggests the closest location. When you go skiing you can record the day on the simple and attractive interface and write out your SkiDiary Report. Reports are then automatically saved in the application so you can keep them forever and always remember when and where you were skiing. You can upload your photos and videos of your skiing day and keep them there too, if you like. SkiDiary then  lets you share your reports with your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.
SkiDiary is the first app for skiing that lets you record and share your skiing experiences with your friends in this free and easy way. So next time you are waiting for the ski-lift or queuing at the bar for your après ski Schnappes you can easily jot down the details of the day - you know the sort of stuff - skiing conditions, temperature, alcoholic content of your Schnappes, phone number of that cute guy or girl you met on the slopes and then upload your photos and videos and show off to your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email. Just go easy on the yodeling, will ya.

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