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Review posted Fri 16 Nov '12
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If one of your jobs is to analyze online advertising campaigns for your customers I'm sure there is a lot of legwork involved. It probably runs along the lines of gathering data from various sources like Google Analytics and your social networks. If you are aggregating your information manually then it will involve editing Excel spreadsheets and then writing a report for your customer. SEOmetrics is a set of reporting and analytics tools that aims to save you an enormous amount of time by given you all the ammunition to gather all your reportable content and deliver it in a neat concise report for your customer.
If you are still gathering data manually from a variety of sources, editing spreadsheets in Excel, and spending too much time putting everything together in a report for your clients it might be time to evolve by creating professional reports and discover the magic of working with SEOmetrics. It is an online reporting dashboard that provides automatic data gathering and report generation. Their solution to report aggregating is a highly-focused, cost-effective tool for providing accurate client reports on SEO metrics that will save you time and energy on reporting, so that you can focus more on growing your business. SEOmetrics helps you report on your clients’ SEO campaigns and even offers a handy calculator to see how much money you’ll save each month by using them. It brings in clients’ data from Google Analytics as well as social signals from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. The intuitive dashboard instantly knows how well an SEO campaign is going for any URL tracked in the system by seeing what has changed and you can give your clients read-only access to the dashboard so they can view their SEO metrics anytime, day or night. Create branded and customizable professional reports for your clients and generate reports fast.  Schedule reports to run automatically with the report scheduler then simply download them for easy distribution to your client or team.
SEOmetrics basically let's you see all of your client's key SEO metrics in one place allowing you to instantly see how well an SEO campaign is doing. So rather than ploughing through isolated information on your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ campaigns and then factoring in Google Analytics and various Excel spreadsheets you can have everything in one place at one time. Generate reports for your customers quickly and easily and cut down your time analyzing campaigns. SEOmetrics simplifies everything about campaign analytics and is a cost effective and professional way of reporting on online campaigns.

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