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Review posted Mon 18 Feb '13  ·  52 comments
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It's not easy to get across the passion that you have for a subject by a form of resume. It's not particularly easy, if it comes to that, to get that enthusiasm over to the people by creating a Facebook page or using any of the other social networking outlets. Maybe you have spread yourself right across all your networks. Your cool photos could be on Instagram, you might have some interesting articles and stories on your blog and then there is the stuff on your Facebook page. Enthuse.me is a new networking and promotion application where you can create a cool looking one-page profile where you can show off the best of your stuff from all over the Internet.
Enthuse.me lets you create an elegant, one-page profile to show off your work, knowledge or your passion. You can hand-pick the best examples of what you do and cut through all the noise of your multiple social networks, blogs and portfolio websites so that you can focus on the things that really prove you know your stuff. It is designed for people with a passion. People like
experts, professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, graduates, creatives, enthusiasts, hobbyists and online content creators. In fact, anyone who wants to showcase and share what they do in an elegant, effective way using simple, intuitive profile tools. Ultimately, their aim is to help every user to sell their skills, products and expert insight in the simplest, most effective way possible and they plan to become “the world’s best knowledge marketplace." Everything you add to your profile should display or demonstrate your expertise in the best light. Focus on effectively showcasing your area of knowledge in your headline and pick the best of what you do for your profile. You can feature videos that show off your skills in action or maybe great blog posts you’ve written that inform, teach, debate or define topics within your field of interest. Add any recordings of talks you’ve given or podcasts you’ve made as well as links to examples and reviews of your work, interviews and features about you and the awards you’ve won to show yourself in your best light.
Enthuse.me is a bit like a rich media resume to display your work or passion. Rather than handing over a one-dimensional white piece of paper to advertise yourself here you have a multi-dimensional display of all your stuff from your social media, your blogs and your portfolio all in one place that viewers can see at a glance. If there is a possible downside to Enthuse.me at the moment is that it is exclusively available to Chrome users while in its Beta stage. Later on, it will be available through all the major browsers. However, you can download Chrome directly from the app. Enthuse.me could well be the way we advertise ourselves in the future. Get in early while it's still in Beta to help shape it's future.

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