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Review posted Wed 5 Oct '11
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If you manually update your tweets on specific holidays and special events over the year you will know what a pain it is. You feel such a fool when you forget one. eggtweeter is a Twitter tool that is truly an egg-timer for your tweets. If you have to send a time sensitive tweet or want to set up your greeting tweet for all the national holidays for the year - you can do it with eggtweeter.
eggtweeter is a scheduled tweet web app that currently is in a free open beta. It enables you to set up all your tweets now and publish them on the due date. Whether you are encouraging people to buy chocolate at Easter time or kosher honey for Rosh Hashana you can set up your messages and select a time to publish on your Twitter account. Or maybe you could be really clever and schedule a Happy Birthday message for your customers. Now that would go down well wouldn't it? I can even see it's use on the home front too. You'll never forget your sister's birthday again or you can schedule school holiday alerts or outings. The possibilities are endless.

The company that developed eggtweeter has had some wild success with their other web tools and I don't see why this one should be any different. It just makes so much sense to preprogram all your tweets at the same time while you are organized and have the information in front of you. You can always fine tune them later if necessary. eggtweeter is a great looking free app that will serve your purpose very well if sending tweets into the future is what excites you.

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