Folloyu: Seamless flow from Desktop to IPhone or Android

Review posted Mon 28 Nov '11
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What do you do when you want to continue a dialogue or online session when you move away from the device you are conversing on? With most people the two options are either the complete abandonment of the session or a long delay while you log on to another device which can mean a vital loss of continuity and often the cessation of the conversation. Folloyu is a free tool for your iPhone or Android that enables an online session to be continued on a different device from the exact point it was left in a matter of click.

Online users are sometimes subject to interruptions which require them to disengage from what they were doing. The result is either a complete abandonment of the content they were engaged in or a substantial delay in continuing their session on another device. Folloyu's patent pending cloud solution leverages the abundance of mobile devices to increase stickiness and conversion in your website and enables an online session to be continued on a different device from the exact point that you left it. For example, online shoppers won't have to stop shopping just because they were called out. They can leave one device and pick up their session from the exact same place on the next device they use. All your secure information like your shopping cart content is still available to you. This will dramatically reduce the abandonment of the content and the long interruption of user activity in your website. With a 5 minutes installation, Folloyu offers a continuous online experience for your users even when they switch devices. In order for your website's visitors to use Folloyu they will need to have a QR (2D barcode) scanner on their mobile device. QR scanners are extremely popular and widely used. If you don't have one there are two Folloyu applications available for Android and iPhone that can be used for QR scanning. Those can be found in the downloads area.

One of the more frustrating online experiences is the cessation of one session and it's continuation on another device. The way it's done at the moment is cumbersome and unsatisfactory and often ends in frustration. Folloyu is a very effective mobile tool that solves a problem with ease and simplicity with the use of a QR scanner. Don't can download it for your mobile directly from the application. So if you want the continuity of your online sessions to be seamless and effortless you might want to investigate Folloyu.

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