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Review posted Tue 13 Sep '11  ·  18 comments
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There are plenty of search engines around. Everyone seems to swear by either Google and Bing for their speed and reliability. We all know, however, that there were times when we hankered to modify it to our own needs. If you are looking at some of the 'dodgIer' sites on the net you might not want to have your IP Address available so you can surf the net anonymously. That's one place where the Jawoco Search Engine can help.

Jawoco even looks kinda different to the more well know search engines. Apart from keeping quiet about you IP Address, it also has a feature called Social Recommendation which accesses information from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to gauge the popularity of a Web and Academia Searches on the net and ones that have been recommended by people from all over the world. Jawoco also features the Instant Look facility where users can view the website instantly, share via email, open link in new tab, website thumb shots and much more. It also keeps track of the queries which are being searched and offers up a fresh Top Searches listing.

Most people won't need the Jawoco Search Engine. They'll be more than happy to stick with the Googles of this world. However if you're looking for a fast, anonymous and more 'people oriented' search engine you could do a lot worse than to try out Jawoco. It's easy to use and fast and accurate and free, to boot. Make it your homepage and you'll use it all the time.

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