Citydoping NYC: See what the locals see in NYC

Review posted Tue 5 Mar '13
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New York is so good they named it twice, according to Frank Sinatra. There has been so much written about the place over the years and it is still one of the must-visit cities in the world. Every travel application features it amongst their top cities but most of them just show you the highlights and obvious tourist places. While its essential to touristy visit places like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler building and the Statue of Liberty it is just as interesting to see the stuff the locals see. CitydopingNYC is a new iOS app created by New Yorkers that acts as an 'insiders guide' to New York City.
Citydoping NYC is an iPhone travel guide for New York City based on the insight that many people who visit NYC want to feel like locals and not just tourists. AirBnB has quickly becoming the go-to resource for travel lodging, and CitydopingNYC was built to be the companion for people who would rather rent a place on AirBnb than stay in a Times Square hotel. The interface looks great and is easy to navigate with full color photos, maps and info and opinion about the various places. The app has been curated by real New Yorkers from Manhattan and Brooklyn and is an hand-picked guide to hundreds of restaurants, bars, shops, museums and parks etc. With all content available without wifi for international travelers.
CitydopingNYC is a seriously cool looking underground travel guide for The Big Apple that provides a great look at the other side of New York City. The idea of developers Joe Sayaman and Peter Cortez was to take the usual 'tourist trap' out of the usual city guide. They scoured the city and their NYC industry friends to compile a list of their favorite eating, drinking, shopping, sleeping spots as well as many 'previously unknown' cool places and 'soon to be discovered' hot spots.

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