tunegram: Set your Instagrams to your favorite music

Review posted Sat 28 Jul '12  ·  4 comments
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We all know how the photo sharing application Instagram went when it was introduced in 2010 ... through the roof! For those of you that aren't aware Instagram is an application that lets you take a photo, treat it with special filters and share it with your social friends. tunegram takes the concept one step further, however, by introducing a musical element. And not just any kind of music. Rather than having someone like Robbie Williams crooning over your precious holiday photos, tunegram let's you share your current listening pleasure to aurally illustrate your photographic memories.
While Instagram has proved to be a bit of a phenomenon in terms of photo sharing, there are times when it would be improved with a bit more creativity. tunegram lets you share your current favorite music with your friends.  In a nutshell, tunegram lets you share your music via Instagram and put the icing on the cake with cool tunes from your catalog. It lets you wrap your creative package together with the current track artwork via Instagram using the new document sharing hooks of Instagram. It also automatically adds all the needed hashtags like artist name and song genre and title etc. Imagine having your wedding song accompany your wedding photos or your favorite bands music playing along to their photo from the festival.
Tunegram is a beautiful looking app for your iPhone that adds that little bit more to your Instagram photos. It's the first application to let you share your current listening and blends your favorite music and favorite photo. Share your music artwork using the Instagram filter with your friends and create the perfect cross media experience. It's as easy as pie to use and totally free.

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