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Review posted Thu 27 Oct '11
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Web conferencing. It can be a minefield. In an ideal world it would be simple. All you really want to do is to get your information across with the minimum of fuss and bother and then get a report back detailing the events and people involved. What you generally get is a pricey service that requires you to hand over your credit card details and they probably want to sign you up to a long term contract too. LiveMinutes is a free webconferencing business management tool that's geared towards the user and let's you share and annotate documents with your team or client wherever they may be with aminimum of fuss.
LiveMinutes is a user-oriented free web conferencing service that lets you share and annotate documents with team members, students or clients with the minimum of fuss and maximum of simplicity. After every meeting an HTML5 report containing the meeting minutes is automatically generated  so participants can keep track of what was said and done. with LiveMinutes you don't have to worry about pricing plans and whether it's worked out on number of attendees, the amount of hosting or bandwidth because it's totally free. You won't have to put up with downloads or overcomplicated interfaces or glitches and bugs either. What you will get is an easy use service that enables painless live document sharing and you'll get a full report of everything that went down afterwards. This means you wont have to take any notes of the meeting as itll be all laid out for a plate for you in plain english later. Whats more, you can read your report from anywhere there is an internet connection. So, whether you are training new staff from distance, guiding students or just trying to get a yes or no on the logo design you've just put together LiveMinutes provides you with the conduit to achieve it with confidence.

LiveMinutes seems to solve all the problems and minefields that web conferencing often throws up. Bugs and glitches in the service, difficulty in sharing documents not to mention the complicated sign up process and pricing plans. LiveMinutes is a totally free business management EEC conferencing tool that is easy to use and provides a written report of everything discussed and shared. You'd be mad to miss this one.

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