Mob eCommerce: A shopping cart to manage your mobile store

Review posted Thu 23 Feb '12
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Times are tough out there in the retail world but there is one area that's on the up and up and that's sales via smartphones. Mobecommerce is an ecommerce shopping cart application for Android and iPhone and gives you all the tools to manage your mobile store effortlessly and with optimum efficiency.
Internet powered smartphones have become the godsend of the online retail market and are now a vital link in the world of online sales. People enjoy the luxury of on-the-go web access and the search for information and resources on the web with their smartphones. It seems that mobile shopping has become the new market trend with an increasingly large customer base. To facilitate this, the Android and iPhone application MobeCommerce was developed to manage all aspects of your ecommerce web store and allows you to control your store with flawless accessibility and navigation, optimizing the store to the mobile. The app gives on-the-go customers an instant shopping cart solution and an easy and effectual shopping experience via their smartphones. Other features include category favorites and voice search and you can share the product details to yo your favorite social network or email when you feel the need.
They reckon that, by the year 2015, mobile ecommerce revenues will be close to US$24 billion so it's certainly nothing to be sniffed at. It's becoming increasingly obvious that all retail stores are going to need online or mobile sales pretty soon to bolster their takings and maybe even to stay in business. MobeCommerce is a complete shopping cart application similar to IKomee and Cart2Cart in that they provide you with everything to get your mobile sales up and running fast.

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