Datamoto: A simple and cost effective cloud-based billing and accounting app

Review posted Tue 13 Nov '12  ·  11 comments
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Datamoto is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) application for businesses of all sizes. But I can hear you asking now why you would possibly want to consider this app when there are so many more available. Well, the answer lies in two things. For a start, at around ten bucks a month for the basic plan, it is one of the cheapest and most cost effective ways of managing all your quotes, invoices, sales and purchase orders in one place. There's even a free plan for small businesses. Secondly, it's excellent usability makes it a business app thats easy to use for everyone.
Datamoto brings complex business applications into the cloud by reducing all the complexity of ERP applications with superb usability and a very attractive price that all sizes of business can afford. The app's online quote, invoice, sales order management and purchase order applications are designed for all types of businesses. Its flexible nature makes it an excellent investment whether your business is small or large, if you provide a service or manufacture goods or if you are a trader or a retailer.Datamoto lets you create professional looking quotes with less hassel and turn them into invoices and edit them afterwards. You can choose to drive your quotes and  invoice from inventory or generate professional looking PDF invoice and email them to your customers. Sales orders are generated as a complete end to end module which is integrated with quote, invoice, inventory and fulfillment module where you can print packing lists and pick, pack and ship your goods with ease. Purchase order are integrated with your inventory and you can track your purchase orders, inventory levels and bills with just a mouse click. Create and process bills against purchase orders and handle payments simply and easily with full real time reporting. Finally, Datamoto offers a complete inventory management module that keeps track of your inventory status with each activity tracked. 
Datamoto is one of those great apps that seems to deliver far more than you expect it to. We've reviewed plenty of business management apps lately including MYCO Suite and Your Business Cloud and Datamoto stacks up quite well in comparison - especially considering its low cost and excellent usability factor. Whereas some similar apps are possibly filled with more features, many of those you will never use. Datamoto keeps it simple and does the basics really well and efficiently. Take a look around. You'll be surprised just what you get for your ten bucks.

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