Damn Bugs: Simple and efficient bug testing designed by testers for testers and their developer friends

Review posted Wed 2 Jul '14
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No, Damn Bugs is not the name of a game that is set to conquer the likes of Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga. It's a free and easy-to-use bug tracking and project management application that has been designed by testers themselves to seek out any problems when developing software. The fact is, despite everybody's best efforts, there are more often than not a few bugs and problems that crop up on most websites in the development stage. Damn Bugs is packed with features that give you and your team clear and complete reports while letting you take and annotate screenshots and report bugs without leaving the page you are on.
Never again will your programers complain that a bug report was incomplete or unclear. Damn Bugs is a free hosted bug tracker designed by testers for highly productive software development teams. It was designed to be extremely easy to use - even for clients - yet thorough and flexible enough for the most demanding development teams. The browser extensions allow testers to enter clear bug reports with screenshots in just two clicks and understand any potential defects. Damn Bugs features standardized bug reports and useful project charts to track progress and sends out timely email notifications with comments and updates on testers' tasks to let you know where problems stand. You'll receive clear figures regarding the number of bugs reported, their severity and how close your testing is to completion. The app is simple to use and incredibly efficient. Just create an organization and you can invite members or testers to join specific projects or you can let them loose on everything that you need to test. You can even be a guest tester in one organization while you have your own. .
Damn Bugs was designed by testers for testers and their developer friend and the developers have described it as being kinda like Basecamp for software testing. It's a fast, simple and remarkably thorough app with bug reporting features that have everything a development team needs to test how well their software runs. But the thing that really makes this bug tracking application worth taking note of is it's pure simplicity. You don't need any great internet skills and it's not packed with features that you don't need and will never use. You can invite anyone in to join the testing process whether they be team members or outsiders - like your client! Manage your testers with permissions and assign them specific tasks based on their skills and roles. Damn Bugs proves that even though software testing in general can be complicated, it doesn't mean that your bug tracker has to be too.

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