TeamGantt: Simple Web Based Project Management

Review posted Sat 1 Oct '11
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Okay, hands up who knows what a gantt is? If you dont know then the chances are you won't need this excellent project collaboration tool. If you do know what a gantt is read on because TeamGantt is one of the easiest ways to create a schedule for your project, track your progress and invite others to collaborate with you.
For the uninitiated, a gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. TeamGantt is a seriously collaborative online tool that makes project management easy. It helps you create beautiful gantt charts  as well as enabling you to invite your team to upload files, comment on tasks and update their progress on the project with you as they go. If you have team members that work from home, different offices, or even different countries, everyone can access the same thing! It also frees you from having to work at the same computer in the same spot all the time.  You can work from the office, coffee shop, your home computer, or even a mobile device. The online gantt chart includes a newly enhanced “Quick Add” feature, it’s very easy to create many tasks in a short period of time. With  drag and drop intelligence, you can continue to schedule out the tasks you just entered by, moving horizontally across the calendar, moving just the start date backwards (leaving the due date in place) and finally, dragging the end of the task and only rescheduling the end date. It's basically the equivalent to Microsoft Project.

TeamGantt is the real deal. If gantt charts are the things you need to spice up and organize your business plan then this excellent project management collaboration tool has to be investigated. It's pricing plans cover everything from the occasional user to the full time professional and stack up very favorably with a High Street version. It's easy to navigate around and you can even try it for free if you're quick.

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