Monkey Write: Learn to write Chinese: The simplest way to learn to write Chinese

Review posted Thu 29 Mar '12  ·  20 comments
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This simple Learn to write Chinese application from the Monkey Write people is another in the series following their earlier Numbers, Blessings and Eating Out excursions. It's a free and easy to use language, education and learning tool for android that literally teaches one to write Chinese characters and turns it into a bit of a game that even kids can play and learn from.
It's said that the only way to truly master the complicated art of Chinese writing is practice, practice and more practice. However, doing that on paper could be construed as being rather dull - especially if you are young. So, Monkey Write turns it into a game. Chinese characters are written in a specific order to give them structure. Follow the stroke numbers to learn to write each character. When you are confident you can turn off the stroke numbers and see if you can do it yourself. Monkey Write verifies the stroke order and direction so you know you are learning it the right way. Monkey Write is lightweight and fun and equally great for children and adults. There are many workbooks to choose from so you can learn auspicious characters for that masterpiece in your living room or simply be able to pick up a Chinese restaurant menu and figure out if you're eating meat or vegetables.
I've watched so many Chinese action films in my life so I've always been rather enamored with their language and beautiful lettering. Monkey Write continue their tradition of making interesting and user friendly apps with this free Learn to write Chinese offering. The future will see all of us have more and more dealings with the Chinese people as their world influence rises and there is no doubt they have a greater respect for people who have some knowledge of their language. So it makes great sense to encourage more people to learn the language - especially if they are kids. On the simpler note, more Chinese meals are consumed each year than any other food type and yet it's the least home cooked meal. So it might be an idea to be able to read that menu.

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