LStack: Smart bookmarking

Review posted Tue 20 Dec '11
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LStack is a very neat and clever little bookmarking app that allows you to do all sorts of weird and wonderful things with your bookmarks. It allows you to save your bookmarks fast as well as annotating them with tags and custom parameters and manages your whole bookmarking database.
LStack is smart bookmarking app. It let's you bookmark any webpage with bookmarklet, annotate bookmarks with tags or smart tags and even lets you attach parameters to bookmarks with smart tags. LStack allows you to add virtually unlimited number of tags to any bookmark which can then can be used to find links. With LStack you can even add bookmarks by emailing them to your LStack account or share links via RSS feeds generated for any combination of filters. Add your own data too with the easy download of your entire bookmarks database in clean, simple XML format. LStack uses JavaScript bookmarklet to let you store and annotate links to webpages. So how does it work? Let's say you've seen something you are interested in. You can enter the price of the item, the store contact details where you found it and you can even rate it to compare with other similar items if you like. Then you can assign any number of your friends who may be interested in it. If it were a simple YouTube music clip you wanted to share then it's simple to annotate the clip with artist, title, year of release etc and then assign it to your friends. It's simple, easy and very detailed.
Bookmarks can be the bane of our computing experience. Much as we all want to be super organized it rarely eventuates. LStack takes bookmarking to a much higher level allowing you not only to store them away but also to fill them with detail and assign them to friends who may also wish to see or hear your brilliant find. You can even bookmark on your iPhone and iPad. LStack is simple to use and free as a bird so could well be one worth looking at.

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