My Football Manager Online: A soccer game that's bound to score well

Review posted Thu 7 Jun '12
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Released to coincide with the European Football Championship, My Football Manager Online deals exclusively with the round ball game known as soccer in the US. This turn-based social sport game borrows a little from the success of apps like Draw Something by letting you challenge your friends or a random opponent to a team against team match up where the manager's skills are put to the test. This free app for iOS tests the tactics and coaching skills like no other football game.
Traditional football manager games tend to focus on managing a lot of the aspects that surround the team and the club and matches are simulated overnight or directly without any interaction.  You have little or no influence on the results of the matches and they tend to be rather underwhelming. My Football Manager Online offers a new and refreshing way to play online football manager games. Challenge your friends or try your luck against a random opponent and play anytime you want and anywhere you can find an internet connection. My Football Manager Online is all about playing matches where your tactical and coaching skills are put to the test. Every match is played in 6 turns. After every turn, the next 15 minutes of the match are simulated, and you can view the results minute by minute. You can change your tactics per turn, always trying to stay one step ahead of your opponent. Start playing more defensive when you are ahead or give it everything you’ve got for a deciding goal in the last quarter! You can even chat with your opponent during the game. My Football Manager Online lets you take control of the match.
Here is a football app that offers you a fair amount of input into whether your team wins or loses unlike many similar apps. You can even link up with Facebook or Twitter to show off your victories or to challenge others to a match. And if you are really serious, and many football fans are rather rabid, there is a paid version that gives you even more features. But for the regular fan of sports games, this free and very social football management game is a hell of a lot of fun.

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