Roller Journal: The social journal just got a major update and a price drop!

Review posted Thu 20 Dec '12
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A few months ago FeedMyApp reviewed a rather unique journal app called Roller Journal. What we liked about it most about the app was its ability to give the writer some great ideas of things to write about. Add that to its social side and we could see a bright future for the app. Now they have released an end of year update with two new question packs and, in a gesture of Christmas cheer, have halved the price to under a dollar for a limited time. This social journal for iPhone that has aspirations to be the next Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest is the journal that guides you by asking questions to get you started on your journal journey. Never again will you be sitting there, scratching your chin and wondering what on earth you are going to write about.
Roller Journal is the journal that guides you by asking questions along the lines of 'What are you looking forward to?' and ' What can you hear right now?' No longer will you be sitting at a blank page on your computer wondering what to write to start things off. That's always the hardest part, of course...the first few lines. It takes just minutes to respond to one or more open questions that help you reflect on your day and capture your best moments. The journal is becoming known for its addictive user experience with users finding themselves drawn into answering more questions and journalling regularly. The questions and answers can also be shared with friends on Facebook and Twitter creating a social journalling experience. Roller Journal is the first journalling app for iPhone to use the question and answer format which, up till now, has previously only been available in some popular paper journals. Now you can enjoy the ease and fun of this format anytime and anywhere all delivered with a beautifully detailed and designed interface. The developers is  now optimized for iOS6 and iPhone5 and has also improved its backup functionality to Dropbox.
Well it's certainly addictive enough to catch on and it really won't take too much to help this social journal application for iPhone reach it's tipping point. Everyone seems to want to write a journal or diary of their day but very few keep it going more than a few weeks. But when you can be spurred on by the odd provocative question it might just be the thing to keep you going. It does help that it looks pretty snazzy and it's so easy to use. The questions are interesting and fun and it's great that you can share with your friends on social networks to get them involved too. And remember, it's the first line that's the hardest part. And don't forget, the price has been dropped to under a buck for a limited period.

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