Polyspeaks: Social network for people learning a foreign language

Review posted Mon 28 Nov '11
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We all have our own little social networking networks but really we are all mostly just talking to people we know and rarely step out of our safe environment. If there's one thing that Facebook doesn't really address it's the cross-borders stuff where you can meet up and converse with people who speak other languages. If you are learning a language think how great it would be to chat with other users who speak that language. Polyspeaks is an easy to use web-based chat and social networking tool that addresses that problem.
Polyspeaks is a simple web-based chat tool allowing language learners to find a chat partner and chat online. Learning a language is fun, exciting, challenging and, at times, it can be a little embarrassing! Most language learning sites are focused on video chat. The technology is great but the reality is that most language learners are too shy to jump into a video chat with a complete stranger!  Most language learners around the world are at the beginner to intermediate level and feel more comfortable writing rather than speaking. So Polyspeaks uses text chat. Supported languages are exhaustive and include common ones such as English, Spanish, French and Danish but there are also more complex ones like Hindi, Chinese, Punjabi and more. In settings, you can specify the languages you know. You can add multiple languages and add the level of fluency for each. 
What a convenient way to continue to learn a new language. Polyspeaks is a free language and chat tool that puts you in touch with people who speak (and type) the language you are learning. This cross-language chat service allows your to send and receive requests from people using many different languages. Polyspeaks is a fun way to learn and practice a new language.

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