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Review posted Fri 13 Jan '12
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Right, are you sitting down because this does get a little complicated? I've never seen a social network that works quite the same way that The Four Finder does. It seems to take the adventure aspect of Four Square and marries it to a social network as another way of introducing you to possible new friendships. The other things this social and mapping has that the others don't is a very cool name and a secret sign for members. But more about that later.
The Four Finder helps you to meet new friends. If you want to introduce yourself to someone but you don't have the time or you are too shy to do it , you can flash a four. It helps you make contact whether it is across a crowded bar or just in your classroom at school. It could be the person on the other side of the street or in a restaurant. Basically, it makes it easier and less traumatic to make initial contact. Now comes the fun part. You remember i mentioned about the secret sign? Well this is where that comes in. When you make contact with someone simply put up four fingers to signal to them. Then you go to The Four Finder website or mobile application, find the location where you saw them and "flashed the four" and place your own custom made marker with a time stamp on the place you saw that person. Upload a photo of yourself to prove it was you. Check back later online to see the response from your contact who can log on to the site and exchange links to their social networks and everything else that may lead to.
I told you it was a bit complicated, didn't I. But at least it's a new slant on finding new friends in this weird world of ours. I can certainly see the benefits if you were of the shy persuasion and have a hard time making initial contact with others. But it does mean you have to flash the four in a public place which could make you feel a bit silly. That's the point though, I guess. The Four Finder makes it a little bit easier to break the ice, meet new people and have a little fun too.

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