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Review posted Mon 7 Jan '13  ·  22 comments
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It's often said that critics are simply failed performers who got out of the bed the wrong way before they saw the film, played the game or visited the restaurant but that's not really fair. There are some great reviewers around these days with a pure passion for the things they love - but they are getting few and far between. Personally, I have a rule that I never review anything that I don't like, whether it is an app, a movie or a piece of music. But, with everybody seemingly having an opinion about everything these days, it seems the most reliable form of reviewing might well be by your friends. Kwixer is a new social recommendation application for smartphones that relies on yours and fellow users' opinions on what is good entertainment and food these days.
Kwixer enables you to share and recommend in a smart and intelligent way what you've watched, listened to, played, read or where you ate. And the reason that it can be considered  intelligent is because the application comes with a social recommendation engine! Kwixer works on the input and recommendations of you and other users, so the more you Kwix the better the suggestions will get back. Now it's easy to see which movies, books, videogames and restaurants your friends have watched, read, played or ate at lately and which ones they've liked. For example, if you have just watched the classic 80's film A Christmas Story you can what others think are the next logical films to watch next. Thanks to Kwixer you can see just what entertainment your friends have been enjoying, filter them by their actions and recommend them new things as well as getting recommendations from them. Happy kwixing!
We all stand around the water cooler at work or announce which film we've just seen, book we've just read or restaurant we've just visited on our favorite social network but it would be good if you could gather all those opinions in one place. That's pretty well what Kwixer does. It gathers all the recommendations from fellow users and intelligently recommends entertainment and restaurants to you based on info supplied as well as your taste. That's not to say that if you don't like Woody Allen there won't be a recommendation for an Israeli Restaurant but it might not suggest that Whit Stillman film. Kwixer is a fun and useful social recommendation app that gets better the more it is used.

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