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Review posted Sat 26 Nov '11  ·  86 comments
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There are quite a few online booking apps around and most of them do a good job. In a lot of cases thought they are designed for outlets with a number of staff and the scheduling issues that go with that. This one however does exactly the opposite and is specifically for those people practising their skills alone.

In fact people working alone probably have more need for an online booking service as they don’t have anyone else around to answer the phone when they’re busy with a client. This app can overcome that problem by giving your customers online access to your available time slots, prices and location. The great thing is that your working day can also be filled when you’re asleep or taking a well deserved day off.

It’s simple to set up and just requires some basic information. Your name, location and services along with price points for different ones will get you started. You then mark the times you are available and the app produces your booking calendar which will have a web address that you can give to clients. You can also embed some buttons on your own website if you have one that will send visitors straight to the booking calendar.

Clients looking to book an appointment will be able to choose the time and length of a session from drop-down boxes on the relevant day and these will automatically be added to your calendar giving you an accurate schedule for each working day.

Overall this app keeps all parties fully aware of what’s happening. You will be notified by email of all bookings and emails are also sent to clients reminding them of their appointment which will help a great deal in cutting out those annoying no-shows.


For just $19 a month this simple app could pay for itself pretty quickly given the fact that it gives clients a more flexible booking option. 

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