Webfluenz: The sophisticated social media management tool

Review posted Fri 10 Feb '12
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Webfluenz is an onomatopoeically named social media monitoring application that works in similar areas to recently reviewed apps Campalyst and Sprout Social. Why on earth would you want to monitor your social media, you may ask, when it unfolds right in front of your eyes. Well, Webfluenz uses all it's tools to track your product exposure on the likes of Facebook and Twitter as well as providing numerous analytical tools to discover the influence of your social media advertising.
Webfluenz is a sophisticated and intelligent social media monitoring and measurement tool which provides users with a system to listen, to monitor and to engage with the social media and the real-time web. If you want to get technical it is a specialised web crawler that works in conjuncture with sophisticated natural language processing (NLP), pattern recognition and data mining algorithms.The data is parsed and presented in a simple and easy-to-use self-serve browser based interface in the form of search profiles and campaigns. It crawls through the web collecting and collating every mention your brand has earned on the web across all platforms. It checks blogs, microblogs, social networks, videos and viral images to understand and interpret nuanced insights and provide brand value.This multi-language tool  not only provides advanced volumetrics to track exposure of your brand but also provides sentiment, geographic, topical trend and influencer analytics - probably the most important of all.  Apart from that, Webfluenz also measures how many people have taken some sort of action based on your message or engagement online and the outcome of the engagement.
Webfluenz is the perfect set of data analytical tools for marketers, public relations people, social scientists and research professionals as it delves deep into the interaction between product and viewer. Real-time monitoring of the Internet is more and more important in these days when a drift of wind seems to be able to cause a shift in your product or brand's public perception and share prices go up and down at the drop of a hat. To be able to react quickly by utilizing the actionable intelligence of Webfluenz will give you the chance to enhance your product's ability to leverage your social media isights.  Here is a serious social media monitoring app for businesses that want to be at the cutting edge of monitoring.

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