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While there are plenty of Internet search engines out there they generally give an endless stream of less appropriate links that aren't necessarily relevant to what you are looking for. Imagine having an intelligent search engine that thinks the way you do and can also read your mind and find the specific thing you are looking for. Sortpage is a free app that is able to do that for you at just the click of a button.

Sortpage delivers a new approach to the web search with the first Human-Predefined Search. You can try the preview search about Apple related topics, which they are currently sorting and compare the relevance of the results, the quality of the linked pages, as well as the clarity of the result page layout with algorithmic search engines. Sortpage doesn’t search for key words appearance on the web page like fulltext engines. Instead, it searches the database of “Definitions” - the pairs of predefined queries and the most relevant links to these queries. This database has been continuously growing with the help of our registered users - sorters. That means there is a human logic behind it, which understands the real meaning of the search phrases. Therefore Sortpage provides the best links that most logically match the query. Thanks to this semantic principle, you can also ask in a normal and natural way.

I must admit to being rather dubious at first. There can't, surely, be that much difference between Sortpage and regular search engines. But there really is. The site looks almost anaemic when first opening it up. As soon as you type a search word or phrase in, however, Sortpage comes to life in front of your very eyes and even offers free advertising for your web, service or product through your profile page. The more you sort the more you will be visible within your favorite topic. Your profile is ranked according to how much your work is beneficial to Sortpage. Profiles with the highest ranking are displayed in appropriate search results. So the bottom line is, if you're REALLY serious about web search, Sortpage is the goods.

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