BusinessPlanToday: A step by step business plan app that can get your new business funded too

Review posted Thu 10 Apr '14
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How many times have we heard the phrase 'get yourself a business plan together' when you are thinking of starting up something new? Of course, a plan and a mission statement are both important things for the budding entrepreneur but it's not quite so easy putting a plan together when you are not sure where the money is coming from to fund it or you've never done it before. BusinessPlanToday is a unique, two-fold business plan creation application that not only let's you create your professional plan using an easy, step-by-step process but also gives you the tools to work out how much financial backing you will need to have a chance of achieving success.
BusinessPlanToday is a web based business plan application that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to create a professional business plan, regardless of their experience level, as well as giving them the tools to try to the secure funding needed for their business. It is the only business plan app that helps entrepreneurs define how much funding they need to raise, based on their projections, and even let's you add loans and investments so you can experiment and see how they might affect projected cash flows. While many sections of a business plan can be written in no discerning order, there are certain sections that do need to be and the dependencies system eliminates any possibility of making a error. You can preview any chapter from any page immediately, making it easy to reference your work-in-progress as well as previewing financial statements - useful when highlighting revenue and profitability milestones. The app allows you to work at your own pace and provides detailed instructions and samples for each section of the business plan.  This makes it easy to build your financial projections without the need for a degree in accountancy. Once complete, you can export your perfected formatted document to PDF and MS Word - with investor grade 3 year financial statements included. Easily preview any chapter from any page, making it easy to reference your work-in-progress - the perfect tool for making quick iterations. You can also preview all aspects of your financial statements - useful when highlighting revenue and profitability milestones.
Quite simply, BusinessPlanToday makes writing a business plan easier than ever before. You can view all of your information in one place as well as being able to access, edit, track and view every aspect of your business plan from one central dashboard. This comprehensive app shows every kind of expected expense in detail and offers different guidelines for both new and established businesses. It's obvious that this app was put together by people who know what they are doing in the business word and have done it plenty of times themselves. Their aim is for the modern day entrepreneur to succeed and they want to deliver the information you need in straightforward language that everyone can understand and follow. As the only app out there that has a financial element as well as a pure business one - I think it succeeds very well.

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