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Review posted Sun 19 Feb '12  ·  19 comments
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First up, let me say that I love travel guides and Know What looks to me like a great one. This handsome looking travel application for iPhone gathers together some of the US's most creative and cleverest people along with some of the best travel websites to present some of the things that make our cities so unique and loved. It serves as a virtual insider's guide to San Francisco and Los Angeles (with New York, Chicago, Boston, Portland and Seattle coming soon) showing you all the things you might not get in your regular travel guide as well as the things you do.
Know What is a brand new city and travel app that brings together America's smartest and most creative people and best websites to share their favorite things and places. Who better to ask about the city they live in than the people that know and love it and lve in it. This app is a new type of hyper-curated city guide helping people get the most out of everyday life. Know What currently covers the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas with more cities coming very soon. It features contributions from groundbreaking websites like, and as well as brilliantly creative people like Weetzie Bat author Francesca Lia Block, OC Weekly editor Gustavo Arellano and author and lifestyle blogger Rebecca Woolf. There is also stuff from mission-driven non-profit organizations like the LA Conservancy, SF Heritage and the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) as well as purveyors of rare and vital information like Esotouric, Thinkwalks and LA Bizarro - the best selling guide to LA's absurd underbelly. And the result Is an app with well over 1,000 amazing places in these two cities alone all from contributors with something to offer and names you can trust.  Each place comes with a detailed review and insider tips, beautiful photos, addresses, phone numbers and how to get there.
Some people have worked for years to compile a compendium of information like Know What. While there are plenty of great travel apps around they seldom come with the depth and complexity of detail that this one does. If you are wondering, it is dynamically updated meaning all the information is current and up to date. It's also pleasant to see that it isn't filled with ads and sponsored content. Know What is great to look at, filled to the brim with up to date information and well presented. It could well be considered the ultimate insider's guide to your favorite cities.

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