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Review posted Thu 23 Jan '14
Mercury Mastering – Grammy Winning Online Mastering Service Mercury Mastering – Grammy Winning Online Mastering Service Info Visit

So... even though you may have recorded your song or album - whether it be in a proper studio or at home - we all know that isn't the end of the story. Before you can hand it over to a record company (or hawked the streets trying to find one) your tracks are going to need a bit of a brush up to take them to their ultimate level. Mastering is the process where an experienced mastering engineer uses specially designed equipment and software to correct any problems and Mercury Mastering is one of the top studios in California. They feature award-winning engineers who have worked with some of the world’s biggest artists and use both analog and digital equipment to make your music 'label ready.'
Every album in your music collection at home has been mastered by a professional mastering engineer in an acoustically treated room. If you want to sound professional and compete with the loudness war in the music industry, it is absolutely critical that you master your music. It's the most important aspect that makes your sound match with the rest of the music industry. Mercury Mastering is the #1 industry standard audio mastering studio in California and features exclusively Grammy award-winning engineers as well as acoustically treated rooms and their legendary analog and digital equipment to take your music to another level. These expert studio engineers have worked on the music of a wide range of artists including Chicago, Cheap Trick and Kiss as well as Kanye West, Victoria Justice, Cake, and P.O.D. One of these engineers will take your final audio recording and and apply their high-end mastering gear - including EQ, compression, stereo imaging, de-esseing and limiters - to deliver you a master with clarity, warm low-end punch, stereo depth and lots of detail as well as an optimum loudness level that meets industry standards.
Given the number of home-based do-it-yourself musicians out there, 'm sure there will be a lot of people who will be very interested in this classy and well priced music mastering app. Rather than spending vast amounts of money to get your music mastered to a level that most record companies would expect, Mercury charges around fifty bucks per song or five hundred for an album. The sound is clear and clean, punchy, warm and, most importantly, loud with Mercury also happy to offer professional advice and help to transform your demo quality music into a marketable product. Turnaround is fast and they offer a 100% refund with no questions asked if you aren't completely happy with the finished result.

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