Panorama: Take great panoramic widescreen photos with your iOS or Android

Review posted Tue 12 Jun '12
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The first and probably the most important thing I can tell you about this superb and cheap photo app for iOS and Android is that it has been developed by Wondershare. In case you arent aware of the quality of Wondershare apps their other two flagship applications are the 'best in class' photo apps Powercam and Powersketch. Where Panorama differs from these others is by giving you exactly what it's name suggests. A panoramic widescreen image of the picture you want to take.
Its not that long ago that you would probably have had to buy an expensive wide-angle lens to produce shots of the range, size and quality that Panorama produces. Photographers used to need costly, very wide-angle lenses, special shooting skills and tedious manual work to fully bring out the impact of breathtaking landscapes, city scenes and nature in one panoramic image. Now, with Wondershare Panorama, seamless panoramas can be easily created in seconds with a single tap. Just tap the Capture button and move your phone slowly and steadily from left to right and your picture will appear.  Once done capturing, the frames will be stitched into one awesome panorama automatically. If that isn't enough, Panorama also features some amazing special effects for taking  your panoramic image. Select the effect you like before capturing - Four Seasons, Crossprocess, Old Photo, Sketch or use some of  the dozens of magic effects - and your panorama becomes a masterpiece immediately after taking. Panorama also supports a one-tap upload to your favorite social networks in Facebook, Twitter and Flickr or you can send them by email.
Powercam and Powersketch are two of my favorite photo editing applications and I don't see any reason why Panorama won't join them. It provides beautiful widescreen panoramic photos that are perfect for your Facebook Timeline page as well as just looking damned good and produced in real time rather than having to doctor them afterwards. It's easy and a very satisfying app to use and it's one of those apps you will use time and time again until someone comes up with something that's even better. But right now, there isn't anything out there for your Android or iOS that matches it.

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