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Review posted Thu 1 Dec '11
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You can certainly get it all off your chest on this site and believe me some people really do. This isn’t a site for kids who’ve just had their first argument and think their whole worlds caving in, this is aimed fairly and squarely at those couples who are midway through a life sentence and suddenly find out it’s not what it used to be. Well that’s the impression you get when you read the site’s blurb but of course it’s open to anyone who fancies getting in on a conversation about what goes on behind bedroom doors, or shower curtains come to that!

There are a couple of options when you sign up under the headings "Vent" and "Post a Conflict". If you have an issue and want some straightforward opinions or advice then you can post a Vent and let anyone who cares to respond loose on the subject.

A conflict requires you to state the issue and your point of view followed by your mate’s point of view. The CouplesSpark community will then give it due consideration and come down on one side or another.

Anyone can see the posts but you’ll have to sign up if you want to join in the fun. Somewhere on the site it says you can win awards but it isn’t clear how you qualify or what you win. What is reasonably clear however is the likelihood of being bombarded with links to dating agencies which I find quite amusing. As a site that hints at conflict resolution between couples it seems a little defeatist to be pushing possible alternative partners at vulnerable people.

One final point to make is that there are tags to identify the general topics causing the conflicts such as Mother-in-laws or Kids & Family. This no doubt makes it easier to spot anything you might have an opinion about.

Having said that however I reckon most people looking at this site will approach it with the same mentality as a child looking up rude words in their first dictionary. There’s one category in particular that I’d lay my mortgage on gets more hits than any other. I’ll leave it to you to decide which one!


I think a lot of people like sites like this for the saucy banter they can get involved with. As for serious relationship breakdowns I think there are probably better avenues to investigate rather than leave your already shattered emotions at the mercy of the general public. 

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