EmbeddedChat: Take your website social with a fill featured and cool chat room

Review posted Tue 20 Nov '12
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What often tends to turn your website from 2D to 3D is its social interaction. There is nothing better than to have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about what you do. An easy way to achieve that is to add a good quality chat room to your site. Let's face it, everyone wants a quick answer to their questions and the chat room gives you the opportunity to talk with your customers and find out what they are looking for. It’s also a great place to encourage new visitors to communicate with each other and build up the sociability of your site. EmbeddedChat is a new social widget that can be pasted on to your sites imply and easily and instantly provides a great quality chat room with all the trimmings.
Embedded Chat is a brand new Social Chat Widget that can be installed on your websites by just pasting a simple javascript code onc-time onto your site header. The benefits of having a social chat widget on your website is huge. For a start, it immediately takes your site social - meaning that your visitors will get a much better way to communicate with you and each other using group chat rooms as well as giving you valuable real time feedback from your visitors. This also will allow you to know what they think and what they like about your site and, more importantly, what they don't like! As a consequence, this gives your visitors a better social experience leading to return visits to your site, hopefully bringing their social networks friends with them. The chat rooms are fully customizable and it's easy to choose the theme you like or create your own. You can even customize the widget html and css if you want. If you allow your users to login with their Facebook or Twitter accounts it makes it easy and convenient to bring their friends to your site.you can create multiple chat channels and groups and manage everything from the admin panel including being able to block troublesome users.
We have reviewed plenty of chat room applications at the FeedMyApp offices. Chat rooms used to have a bit of a reputation as being a den of iniquity but as with most things, they have developed into an effective marketing tool that really does encourage more visitors to your site. Many of the chat room apps we have reviewed have been pretty cheap looking yet functional but EmbeddedChat offers a high quality environment with fully customizable features, which is a nice change. I mean...you want your chat room to LOOK good as well as being good, don't you? At the moment you can sign up, embed the app in minutes for free and bring out the social side of your visitors.

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