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Review posted Tue 12 Feb '13
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Well, it's that time of year again, boys and girls. Yes, it's Valentine's Day. Most women would be more than happy with a bunch of flowers and a smile but, to many men, its a day to dread...until bedtime, of course. As Homer Simpson once said "it's the only day I'm guaranteed to get any - woohoo!" I have no idea how far you want to take your Valentine's Day experience but, to take it into the world of apps, then Twosome is a new application that creates a fun and very romantic link-up for lovers. And all it takes is a bit of a bump to join up with your loved one.
Don't worry, Twosome isn't a sex site for hooking up with potential swinger partners. Nor is it a dating site. It's pure pinkness suggests a more romantic outlook. What it is, is a well-timed Valentine's Day themed app for the couple who wants to tighten the bond between themselves. Wouldn't it be lovely to know that your lover was thinking about you at exactly the same time as you were thinking of them? Well, Twosome creates a link between lovers that is conjugated simply just by bumping both of your phones. The app makes sure that both the lovers will get the same loving and heartwarming messages at the same time- no matter how far they are from each other so both know that each one is thinking about the other at the same moment. In order for the app to work, one just has to install Twosome on both their own phone and on their lover’s phone. But, once bumped, no further connection to the internet is required. Even when one of the parties doesn’t have an internet connection they will both get the notification at the same time.
Twosome is a cute and very easy to use application for getting close to your sweetheart. While there is no suggestion that this fun app is going to replace the bunch of flowers or the box of choccies but it's a lovely way to take your love into the online world. It's especially useful for lovers who may be apart with one partner overseas working or in the armed forces. I'm sure if I was stuck in a foreign land I would love to know that my lover had me in their thoughts. It's one more piece of the puzzle to make a special day even more perfect. As a special offer for Valentine's Day, you can get the app right now for 50% off. Get romantic and get Twosome.

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