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Review posted Thu 20 Oct '11  ·  69 comments
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Job searching is a pretty crowded activity in these troubled financial times and the scattergun approach to getting your resume out in front of potential employers is probably having as much effect as doing nothing at all.

It’s probably fair to say that with the current job market as it is it’s even more important that you stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately the first thing employers or agencies see is your resume and boy are they seeing thousands of those at the moment.

1-page.com aims to change the way job hunters prepare and project themselves towards those new positions with a completely different take on the resume issue. Rather than churning out the same old list of past positions and achievements in a dossier-like document the revolution is coming in the shape of a one pager with help and tips on getting in front of the people who matter.

Out with the history lesson (although some if it will still be relevant) and in with way forward is the clear message here. The thinking behind it is that employers would be far more interested in someone with a clear understanding of the business they’re looking to join and a brief but strong proposal about how they intend to help it achieve its goals.

Obviously this may sound daunting but 1-page.com provides all of the tools to help pin-point suitable industries and companies and prepare and research them in order to make suitable proposals. On the technical side there are features allowing for the brainstorming of ideas that flow through and act as a prompt when writing the final draft and word count warnings coded in colour to help you keep the sections relevant and sharp.

The idea is a good one and sure to help those frustrated with the lack of response the old way is experiencing. The proposal concept, done properly, also starts the process of "selling" a candidate even before any interview is held which can only be a bonus.

Anything that gives those looking for employment a guiding hand and a fresh approach has to be applauded. 1-page.com is certainly trying with this one.

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