Tawla: The Authentic Arabian Style Backgammon Game

Review posted Thu 13 Oct '11
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Are you sick of the games that you play on your iPhone? Not even Angry Birds keeping you satisfied, these days? Well if you fancy a game that will not only impress your friends but will also add a little exotica to your gaming existence then Tawla might keep you amused for a while. Tawla is an iPhone game that could easily be called the Arabian version of backgammon.
Tawla is an authentic Arabian style backgammon game for the iPhone that's played on an intricately designed authentic backgammon board, Tawla is a challenging game that tests players skill, foresight and strategy. With three difficulty levels the games is designed to appeal to first-time players and backgammon lovers alike. The single player mode allows users to challenge a sophisticated AI opponent that doesn’t cheat but definitely puts your strategy and luck to the test at varying levels of game difficulty. The multiplayer game mode mean players can challenge each other using their iPhones the same way as they would use a real board.The release sees two versions launch on the App Store; a lite version which is free, and the full version free of ads which retails for US$1.99.

Well it sure looks like backgammon to me. Tawla is a beautiful looking iPhone game app that really isnt much different in it's layout to it's more famous cousin. I'm su if you know how to play one you can play the other. I happen to love backgammon and the lite version here is free so see if you like it before you fork out your two bucks if you like. It could just be the thing to take your mind off the bus journey to work in the morning.

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