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The answer to all life's problems are to be found in movies, apparently. I would say you've got a better chance of finding it in a documentary than some of the vacuous rubbish coming out of Hollywood at the moment. The last ten years or so has seen the quality and quantity of good documentaries go through the roof and many have told important and interesting stories that wouldn't have been told otherwise. Freedocumentaries is literally what it says it is. This excellent movie and video tool lets you watch some of the greatest documentaries ever made...and you can watch them free and wherever you can find a high speed Internet connection.
At you can stream interesting and provocative full length documentary films for free!  Unfortunately, many important perspectives, opinions and facts do not make it to our televisions or cinemas.
Freedocumentaries is a site where anyone with an internet connection can watch a thought-provoking, educational and entertaining movie and educate themselves or simply explore other people's favorites. Providing films free allows anyone the chance to watch a film by a director who's political stance they might not agree with.  At least by watching it here for free you won't be shelling out money in his/her direction for a cause you don't believe in. While some of the films on the site have had widespread distribution (and received multiple awards) others are created by independent filmmakers who depend on sites like this to get their information to the public. There's no shying away from controversial films either. Everyone who watches a film at Freedocumentaries will learn something.  It may be a new perspective on an old topic or maybe it will simply give you the chance to see what other people think.

Some of my favorite all time films are documentaries. Bill Maher's Religulous, the brilliant civil war series Eyes On The Prize and Taxi To The Dark Side (which won an Oscar) are all here and free to watch plus heaps more. If nothing else, Freedocumentaires allows independent filmmakers to have their message heard by a much larger audience. The films are all streamed so you don't have to worry too much about downloading the film before you watch it. It's right here for you now. Free documentaries is a tool I will use quite a lot I think.

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