Goal Stacker: Todo meet Today. A task manager focused on what you can do today.

Review posted Sat 24 Sep '11
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Do you often feel a little overwhelmed by what you have to achieve each day...whether at work or at home? What you really need is a personal assistant to map out and plan your day. Goal Stacker is a time tracking tool the helps you organize your day by giving you a list of manageable tasks. It can also be your very own PA.
The idea of Goal Stacker is to manage your day so that you get as much achieved as possible.  Every day you get a list of tasks tailored to the amount of time you have available and makes it easy to figure out how much time you’re spending on your tasks. You can time each task to track exactly how much time it takes to complete. Simply adjust the time slider to the amount of time you have to run errands each day. GoalStacker will automatically create a list of tasks based on the time you have available and the order that the tasks are arranged. Every morning Goal Stacker will present you with a personalized Today List with you tasks for the day clearly noted. There are several different pricing plans available - the basic account is free and it's easy to sign up. GoalStacker works in all major browsers on PC or Mac and is completely cloud based so you can access it anywhere. Never worry about syncing projects, tasks, or account info; everything is always up to date. They support Internet Explorer+, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome, Safari 4.0+, and Opera 10.

Goal Stacker seems to have thought of most things with this clever time management tool. We all get a bit swamped with the amount of things we are expected to do and Goal Stacker helps you turn those goals into realistic ones with some intelligent ideas. The interface is easy to use and navigate and relatively cheap even if you go for the top of the range plan which clocks in at under US$7 per month.

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