Buddy Safe: Track your friends and kids and make sure they get there safely

Review posted Fri 17 Aug '12  ·  59 comments
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I'm not quite sure if this tracking application for iOS will be regarded as a good or a bad thing. To some it might feel to be a bit of an imposition to have one's every moved tracked but for others it might just be the lifeline that gets them to their arranged destination on time. Buddy Safe uses GPS tracking to track the progress of 'buddies' (or your kids) and make sure they don't trip up on their journey and get lost. While much of Buddy Safe's intended audience lies with children going to and from school it might prove just as useful when on holiday in unfamiliar territory.
Buddy Safe is a GPS based tracking app that allows you to easily track the progress of your buddy’s journey to their selected destination. It's also great  to see if your kids are home from school yet or to  locate your traveling companions while on vacation or maybe you need to find friends you're meeting for dinner. Using Buddy Safe is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just add your destination from the map interface or by typing into a textbox then choose any amount of buddies you want to notify about your trip and whereabouts. Finally, select a tentative time that you will leave or reach your destination. Tap on the ‘Begin Trip’ button and start tracking your progress in terms of location and time. If you don't begin your trip by the time you had chosen or don’t reach your destination by the selected time the application will send a message to the buddies you selected. If you see your trip getting delayed or cancelled, you can click ‘Pause Trip’ or ‘Postpone’ from the Trip Screen. You can also save and ‘favorite’ the trips you take most often.
Buddy Safe may seem a bit like a frivolous tracking application but, life can be dangerous out there and, it's important for your peace of mind to make sure your friends and children get to their destination safely and on time. This iPhone, iPad Touch and iPod application is easy to use with a simple mode of operation. I can imagine that the kids will whingeing and moan about having to 'check-in' at home or when they get to school but personally, I can see Buddy Safe's major benefit in making sure everyone in your party reaches a restaurant or meeting place when on holiday in unfamiliar territory.

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