mX Great Britain guide: A travel guide with a built in WiFi finder

Review posted Fri 15 Jun '12
mX Great Britain guide mX Great Britain guide Info Visit

With millions likely to visit Great Britain in the next few months for the Olympic Games having a travel app like mx Great Britain guide on their mobile is going to come in very useful. But there's probably one tool provided here that will come in even more useful than the others. This travel guide not not shares the content of five 'paid' apps but it also features a WiFi finder that can search out hot spots all over the country. And to add to that mx Great Britain guide is completely free.
While there are plenty of travel apps that make us jump to attention in the FeedMyApp offices - HipGeo and KnowWhat come to mind as Excellent recent releases - there aren't many that offer such an array of information as this one. mx Great Britain guide was just featured on the App Store in the US “What’s Hot” and made the top ten travel apps as new and noteworthy in both  Australia and Canada. Unlike most travel apps that tend to focus on one aspect of your visit, this one packs the best features from five paid travel apps into this one free app. And then it throws in its wild card with the more than useful free WiFi finder which would have saved me an awful lot of time when i was there a couple of years ago. For our American readers I have to tell you here and now that you won't find as many WiFi hotspots over there in Britain as you do at home - especially when you are out in the sticks. So a WiFi search machine is going to come in pretty handy. The guides themselves are packed with all sorts of useful and essential information on heaps of destinations in Britain. From the plain quirky (where are all the haunted castles, anyway?) to places of interest, attractions, city guides and interactive maps with geolocation, local and shopping tips, things to do, special offers, places to eat and stay, phrasebooks, photos, videos and much much more. You can even book your flight or hotel, organize a local tour or buy a ticket to a London show or event.
mx Great Britain guide is a comprehensive travel app developed in partnership with the national tourism agency VisitBritain to deliver vast amounts of important and relevant information to your mobile in order to maximize your Great Britain experience. It's offline content alone  will put a dent in your roaming plan and you can share your travel adventures through all your favorite social networks including Trip Advisor, Facebook and Twitter. But if you decide to use this excellent travel app I have no doubt that it will be the WiFi finder that is the thing that keeps you coming back to it.

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