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Review posted Fri 13 Jul '12  ·  7 comments
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There are plenty of horror stories about using online services but, in reality, most business dealings work just as well online as they do on Main Street. One of the biggest problems lies with not knowing who to trust and finding out which vendor will provide you with the best and most reliable service. Doublelinx Social Marketplace for Online Marketing is a search engine and marketing application that works as a watchdog for finding reliable sources of business that are backed up by testimonials from previous users giving you a safe environment to buy and sell online marketing services. is a marketplace to discover, review and purchase online marketing packages to increase online visibility and does it within an easy to navigate website for both buyers and sellers with protection from known scams. It not only provides a safe environment to buy and/or sell online marketing services but also provides a unique top notch order management system for online marketing providers. Doublelinx uses an escrow account between the buyer and seller to provide a more trusting relationship. When the seller does a great job and the buyer approves Doublelinx credits the funds into the seller's account. There are no monthly fees but sellers are manually approved by Doublelinx staff to ensure quality and reliability. Buyers and sellers can use reviews, questions and ratings to make an education decision before commencing business. That's where the management side of the app kicks in and allows you to manage all your invoices, reports and communication in one place. There are any number of packages to peruse and investigate to see if they provide the right environment for your marketing message and regular posters are rewarded with increased trust and sales. Finally, Doublelinx sees their comprehensive reporting structures as a distinct advantage over their competitors and is perhaps one of the most significant reasons buyers will use the marketplace.
While there are quite a few marketing advice apps around, Doublelink succeeds by offering unique testimonials and reviews to back up the credentials of sellers making decisions easier to make in what turns out to be a communal marketplace. Its business rules appear exemplary preventing fraud and sellers are rewarded for 'doing the right thing.' Doublelinx gives you peace of mind when investing your marketing needs. At the moment it's a well kept secret. It might be well worth investigating this free app.

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