Clipswap: Turn your iOS pasteboard into a smorgasboard

Review posted Fri 13 Jul '12
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Now this is a very useful addition to the iOS device arsenal that I can see being used a lot. Clipswap is an application that totally expands the copy and paste functionality for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone by letting you keep multiple items on your pasteboard and quickly switch between one and the other as you need them. This free app lets you keep many images on the board in slots and simply tapping them to move from one to the other.
ClipSwap is a utility for expanding the copy and paste functionality of your iOS Device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch). With ClipSwap you can keep multiple items on the pasteboard at once and quickly swap, use or modify the pasteboard content. When you switch to ClipSwap the current pasteboard content is put in one of the slots. Tap one of the other slots and that content is placed on the pasteboard instead, so you can paste it into another app. At the same time the old content of the pasteboard is saved in the previous slot so you can switch back to it later. Each slot shows the current content along with information about the format and size of the content. Tap the currently selected slot again to edit or use the content, whether it be opening a URL or using an e-mail address. It you are researching subjects, Clipswap is a major boon as it allows you to keep images, photos, links and simple text on your pasteboard. Whats more, they are available to use simultaneously saving vast amounts of time chopping and changing between pages. Pretty convincing evidence, eh?
Amongst the many seemingly pointless apps that turn up for review there is always one like Clipswap that makes you wonder why it wasn't utilized in the standard iOS package. But when there are free productivity apps like this around that turn your pasteboard on its head then all is good again. Clipswap is easy and convenient to use and turns your pasteboard into a palette where you can choose which saved images to use when you want. That's a bit better than the standard single save option, isn't it? It's a winner.

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