SOS - Stay Safe: Turn your smartphone into an emergency safety device

Review posted Fri 4 Oct '13
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While its not exclusive a security and personal safety application that is made purely for women, SOS -Stay Safe certainly could be a life saver for many. The app lets you turn your Android smartphone into an emergency safety device and sends discreet alerts to selected friends and family members with a simple and virtually unnoticeable shake of the device. It's the perfect app for people who feel vulnerable whether it be in a domestic situation, you are being stalked or followed are generally feel in a situation of perceived danger. SOS automatically sends an emergency message, your location, your battery level and an audio clip to stir your friends into action. What's more it follows this up with regular updates using GPS to show if you are on the move.
Incidents of crime against women have been increasing at an alarming pace. SOS Stay Safe is a innovative, personal safety app that may prove very helpful in many situations and empower females of all ages and from all walks of life to combat abuse and acts of violence. Users can send alerts to their friends and family on sensing danger simply by shaking their phone. This is followed up with text and email messages being sent discreetly at regular intervals to provide real time GPS tracking from your exact location. The app was designed to help women (and anyone else who feels in danger) who fell that they are in distress or danger. These could include being stalked on the way home from work or being followed by a strange vehicle at night. It could be an attempted physical assault, the threat of sexual violation or just a simple threatening environment. However, its most effective use could be to combat the threat of domestic violence. It automatically sends an emergency message, the user’s location, device battery level as well as a recorded audio clip of the dangerous situation to your chosen contact(s.) it does this with just an inconspicuous shake of the device - allowing you to get help effortlessly and discreetly without raising any suspicion. To avoid unnecessary callouts, users can calibrate the intensity of the shake to suit their needs.
There's little doubt that reports of violence against women and the more vulnerable amongst us is at an all time high. With money too tight to mention in many homes, the stress levels on a family are bound to go up. SOS Stay Safe is an ideal and very discreet Android app that is aimed towards women and allows them to surreptitiously inform friends and family with minimal effort if they feel in any kind of danger. It literally only involves the shaking of the device. Now, I know what you are thinking. Phones get shaken around all the time and it would be most embarrassing to have half your friends turn up to rescue you when you weren't in any danger but there is a calibration on the app to increase the intensity. SOS could prove to be a life saving and very discreet way of getting your message across when you feel you might be in trouble.

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